The Helmet Born
from Scallop Shells

Scallops are the shellfish
that Japanese people eat the most.
It was also the shellfish
whose shells were discarded the most.

Could shells, which used
to protect from outside enemies,
be transformed into something
that protects people's lives?
We at Koshi Chemical
are breathing
new life into
these discarded scallop shells.
A completely new helmet,
strong and gentle, is born.


features 1

The more that are made,
the more beautiful
the sea becomes.

Shellmet upcycles scallop shells that would have
otherwise been discarded. In addition,
by using bioplasticmade from scallop shells as raw material,
CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 50%,
making the helmet environmentally friendly.

Shells that were just waste. > Finely crush the sterilized shells. > 100% recycled materials. > Transformed into a helmet to protect human life.

features 2

Created by nature,
Scallop-derived strength.

Based on the idea of biomimicry,
Shellmet incorporates a special rib structure
in its design that mimics the structure of scallops,
which are part of the material.
As a result,we have achieved
a strength approximately 33% greater than normal.

product designed by quantum


Good to use again and again.
So it’s also good for the earth.

After the lifecycle of the HOTAMET,
they can be recycled
as building material
or as material to produce new
Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable
society by creating a system in which discarded
shells can
be used perpetually,
rather than just recycling once.


  • coral white
  • deep black
  • sunset pink
  • ocean blue
  • sand cream

Available in 5 colors: white,
beige, black, blue, and pink

expert opinion

Shellmet transforms shells - which originally protected against external enemies - into something that protects human life. Therefore, it is made of almost 100% recycled materials, which is in line with the recent social trend away from plastics. Another feature of this product is that the more it is produced, the less shells are discarded.

At first glance, picking up detritus in the ocean and recycling may seem to be two different things, but I believe they are fundamentally the same. In this respect, wearing a Shellmet can be considered an activity to protect the ocean in a larger sense. I hope that this Shellmet will help raise the environmental awareness of many people.

Graduate School of Engineering,
Osaka University

Hiroshi Uyama



  • Product Name:Shellmet
  • Size:Fits head circumference 53-62 cm (adjustable with strap)

    Head circumference reference / Female average: 54-56cm Male average: 56-58cm

  • Colours:5
  • Weight of main unit:approx. 400g
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Accessories: Adjustable belt, with wearing strapt
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  • Can the helmet be used in wet places such as in the rain?
    There is no problem if it gets wet. If the helmet does get wet, wipe it down gently with a clean cloth.
  • Can women and children use it? (Can the helmet size be adjusted?)
    The size can be adjusted with the band at the back of the helmet to accommodate many people of any gender. As a size guideline, the product is intended for children of junior high school age and older.
  • Can the helmet be used on motorcycles and mopeds?
    The helmet is not a motorcycle helmet so cannot be used.
  • How do I maintain and store the helmet?
    When soiled, wipe gently with diluted neutral detergent without rubbing.
  • What are the safety standards?
    We are planning to acquire safety standards for "hard hats" based on Article 42 of the Industrial Safety and Health Law.
  • Can I choose the color?
    Yes, you can choose the color you want.
  • How will the helmet be delivered?
    The helmet will be delivered in a decorative box by courier service. For customers who purchase in bulk, we will provide separate instructions.
  • Is there a warranty period?
    The exterior material of the helmet is warranted for 3 years. Interior materials are warranted for one year.


Please feel free to consult with us first.

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